Example of a College Recommendation Letter: Tips Expert

College students often have to write a college recommendation letter. Do you have same trouble writing a recommendation letter for that spectacular student? There are some best ideas which may be helpful for you.
• Dear Admissions Officer: I am very proud to recommend Sara Foss for admission to your undergraduate university program. As her guidance counselor for three years, I have witnessed her development into a mature individual ready for her college years. Foss is a well rounded student that has always excelled academically. She is motivated, energetic, bright and above all a very genuine, compassionate person. Her grades have always been in the top of her class in all of her courses and she has participated through the years in a wide array of extracurricular activities and community services.
• Her time has been spent on the softball field, on the volleyball court, in the dance studio, as part of the Honors Society and she has played a vital role in her class' Steering Committee. Her community service has included spending two days a week at St. Michaels House, a halfway house for women recovering from drugs and alcohol. She spends time assisting the Meals on Wheels program, has helped to build three homes with Habitat for Humanity and does volunteer office where needed around the school. Unlike most of her fellow students, Foss knows what she wants to major in (Man kind) and has stuck firm to her decision through high school. It is clear to me that Foss would be an excellent candidate for your university's Social Work program. Her tenacity and dedication speaks volumes.
• With my heart and soul I recommend her to your program and wish her the very best in all future Endeavour’s. Sincerely, Tiffany Van maker Senior Counselor MK PIPUL High School

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