Learn How to Manage Teachers and Professors

This function is very common. If you have same problem then I think you may be leave the classes or does not attended. There are some ways to impress the teacher who may don’t like you.

• Sometimes teacher and professors don’t like to normal behave with the students. If you are faced with a teacher who dislikes you or your whole class, then try these things. First, try to talk to the teacher after class or make an appointment to office so you can discuss your progress in the class. Let the teacher know that you are trying your hardest and want to know what else you can do to improve.
• It is must for you do your homework on time and have some questions prepared in advance for the next class. When the teacher sees that you are raising your hand and trying to think through the assignment, he/she will have more respect for you.
• If possible offer some gift and others things. So they are rarely appreciated. Your act of kindness might help them change their view of their students.
• Try to make a good result as if teacher will more happy and proud with you. If you find that this teacher is even harder on you than previously, don’t be hopeless. Because teacher may wants more improvement from you. Keep trying and do not give up.

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