Learn More How Calculate a Percent: Tips Expert

A percentage shows the result of a number of 100 and has many used in a variety of fields. It shows the measure about two or more relation. With this discussion I am going to describe about uses of percentage

• The basic formula for calculating a percent is: (X/Y)*100=Z% Where, A is a subset, B is the total, and C is the resulting percent.
• For one example, suppose you are calculating a student's Height on a college. The total possible height of students 8.8”. The student height a total of 400 foot in the college. To find the student's height percentage, perform the following calculation: (45/400)*100 = 8.8%.
• In another example, suppose there are 1,250,000 people in a town. 75,000 people in the town are foreign born (persons born in another country who have immigrated to this area). What proportion of this city's total population is made up of foreign born persons? Perform the following calculation: (75,000/1,250,000)*100 = 6% Therefore, 6 percent of this city's overall population is foreign born.
Hope to understand what purposes use of it.

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