Make a Beautiful PowerPoint Presentation: Tips Experts For You

PowerPoint – this is the key presentation program. PowerPoint is used everywhere today, from schools to businesses to religion. It is the choice when it comes to a professional presentation. In this article you know what is good and bad in PowerPoint presentation.

• Collect your information. This is the first step to doing any presentation. Preparing the presentation should be one of the last steps in an entire project.
• Make sure your title page is nice and simple. Your topic should be in big letters and then all of information and who you represent. Your table of contents should include all of the titles of your slides in order they appear.
• Do not string together long sentences. PowerPoint is a supplement, not a replacement. Assume that your audience can read, so do not simply read off your PowerPoint. This is an insult to their intelligence. Rule of thumb: 4 to 5 points per slide. Spend only 1-2 minutes per slide because as if they are not feeling bore.
• Use colors. Make your presentation presentable. Don’t use distracting backgrounds or animations.
• Make sure you have no grammatical or spelling errors. Use a simple conclusion. Make it similar to your title page
• Don’t forget to thank your audience at the end!

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