Choose a Scanner for Your Computer

Hundreds of model scanners are available in the market. What type of scanner you should buy it is depend on your work. Read this article for suggestions.

Step1- The best technology is CCD but still now few people are using CIS. For more information brows on the net.
Step 2-Sccnerr size: This varies from scanner to scanner, though most are 8.5" by 11.7". I think it is better to buy medium size of scanner because more big more money.

Step3- Color Depth: most of scanners scan at 48-bit, though there are a few 96-bit out there, as well as a few older 24-bit
Step4- Resolution: different resolution you can select, with the middle ranging from 2400x2400 to 4800x4800, with some as high as 4800x9600. The higher the resolution, the more detail the scanner will pick up.

Tips: When you scanned put your documents in perfect place.

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