Collect Evidence After a Car Accident Learn More

Without evidence there is no probe that what is true. Before you complain against anyone make sure you have all necessary evidence. There are few methods that how to collect evidence after an accident.

STEP1- To day camera is available to everyone. If you have no camera then use your mobile to capture few picture or videos about the car condition, environment, and take the picture of witness.
STEP2- Collects all potential evidence of your accident for insurance company. This will be important if you need to file an insurance claim. Print out your pictures and show them. It is better if you print your pictures several sizes.
STEP3- Called the police and tells them everything. Take a copy of your accident report. Cheeked there is no mistake. Inform a journalist if not possible you should go. Contact some people who saw your accident.
STEP4 - Take picture of damages. Take close up and long distance shots of damages to the car or vehicle. Try to take the picture of all side your car. Take picture of injuries

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