Discover the Way to Protect domestic violence Tips Expert

These types of problem are very common in every where in the world. It is speared from couple to sex, age, transcends race, orientation, economic, religion, education and political level.
• At first be cool and try to solve by doing everything until you can. When you realize that it is not possible for you to cope with then take a step. Get some help from your relatives if they can’t then seek help from others. If you need help emergency then the number 911 is used to request emergency assistance.
• Some one or your nearest one threatens to kill you. If your husband or lover trying to do same thing the please follow these guideline.

1. Collect marriage license, bank account, birth certificates of children and yours, and etc. for security purpose make a copy for each.
2. Make some indicates as if at the event your neighbors or friends can understand what is happening with you. You can also teach your kids how to ask for help to others.
3. Create self confidence level as if you can live with out the help of police.
4. If you make a charged against him then never make him/her free. Note the police station that still now you are afraid.
5. Never trust against him/her and keep on thinking every step he/her takes.

• Other then this problem you should discuss with wise person.

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