Email a Scanned Document with Photo Smart Tips Expert

Photosmart have the opportunity to scan and Email documents. Users can get more facilities from photosmart. Users can keep their images and they can share with others. It has the ability to perform edit, share, scan, print, and organize photos. But HP Photosmart is a free software.

Step1- Scanned the document with selecting perfect resolution and others sitting. It’s better if you rearrange your scan sitting manually. This setting will give you best result for your scan.
Step2- HP Photosmart will save your scan automatically but if you wish to save it to other folder then you should relocate the save. Give a name of scanned document if necessary.
Step3- Login your email and click “compose” and click again to attached files. Go to your selected folder or location where you saved your document. Then start to attach your documents one by one.
Step4- When you finished the attachment then put the email address in TO box whom you want to send your document. Avoid scanning more then one page. This will make error on your scanning program.

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