How to Determine Damages After a Car Accident

Although it is very tough that what amount of money or property you are going to loss. But if you loss your hand or legs then it’s not possible to determine. Here are some idea that how can you determine.
STEP1- Make sure you are okay. Starting to gather your loss and complete you conversation with witness and drivers who saw this accident. Asked them about their address, phone number, and name and write down in your dairy or note book.
STEP2- Make a list of damages and divided these damages by two types. No.1 this part show the completely damages and 2nd part show the others damages. It will helpful for you when you are in the court. Remember that you should consider the lost of property at present value.
STEP3- Take a report that how much money was spent for your treatment. If you are injured determine first.
STEP4-Determine that you with the lost of property and time you also lost the time of your work. If possible you can mention that how much money you need for repair the car.

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