How to get a free consultation from a lawyer

We know the charge of a lawyer is expensive. That’s why some people don’t interest anymore to get help from the lawyer. But if you want to get a real judge you should get help from a lawyer. But the great news is you can get help form the lawyer without no cost of money. I will give you the idea.

STEP1- You should decide first that what type of help you want to get forms them. Such as,divorce, crime, and any others misconduct. After decision just make a list the all of your favorite lawyer names.
STEP2- When you get the all contact information about them then you can start to call them and asked for free consultancy. If they want to know your problem then told them that you have no money.
STEP3- Don’t be hopeless if they refuse you. Try one more and show them your kindness. When you are talking with them you should behave like as a trust person and helpless.
STEP4- Show your emotion like if they don’t help you then you will be in a great difficulty. It is great if you make them proud with using few words as like no one can help us with out you and your great lawyer I heard earlier.

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