How to Keep Remind Books You Read Tips Expert

We often read our favorites books. This is true that we can’t remember properly what we read in past. I think it does not give us benefit as we hope. Example you read a book about scientific but few days later you forgot everything. Keep remind what books you read when you should make a record.

• Some people take it as a hobby and some one take it as a profession. What ever it is you need to keep a recorded what you read in the past.
• Make a dairy or any note book and when you are completely reading a book then cut some information or picture as if you can remind in future with see this picture. Attached them on your note book or dairy.
• You should care properly your dairy or note book. On other hand you are going to loss everything.
• Few months later you should revise them if not possible then must read the key points. This will make easier your task.
• To day you’re going to read a new book so try to remember what you read in the previous book.
• Never put the book like in future this will useless for you. Hope you can recover your problem.

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