How to Stay Safe in a Car Accident

Car accident is a horror language. People are afraid about a car accident. It is occur often that one car crash with another one. Some times it is happening by stupid and careless people. I am trying to give you some idea about how can you protect your-self in a car accident.

STEP1- There is no need to tell about those good sides of preparation. Get prepare like carry a camera, pen, cell, insurance, safety kit, cones, medical card, accident from, and flashlight. If you have preparation then automatically you feel great.
STEP2- Parks your car out side the road. Don’t break at suddenly. Because some one driving after you. Put your hazard lights on, remain in the car with your seatbelt fastened and call 911 for help.

STEP3- When you are on the car take on eyes the around cars and get out when you feel that now you are safe.

STEP4- Conversation with others drivers and get information form them. Take a note who is real responsible for this accident if possible take a picture. Us citizen you should call the emergency at 911.
Tips: Collect the files and evidence you will need in your insurance company. Leave the quarrel and try to find out how you can solve the problem.

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