Learn More Avoid Car Accident - Common Causes

Statistics show that 93% of car accidents are occurring from poor driving. Drivers are not following the traffic laws properly. If you want to avoid a car accident you must have to follow this few steps.
STEP1- At first you have to attend a medical examination of your eyes and ears. It helps you to drive properly in the road. You must learn about traffic signals and road signals. By following these rules you can be avoid any accident. You should understand about highway information properly.
STEP2-Before you seat as a driver you must check the car condition first. As the wheels air pressure as require, wheels nuts tighten as require, engine oil level, radiator water level and brake fluid level as require.
STEP3- After starts the engine and checks all lighting and wiping function. To test brake function moves the car and presses the brake paddle. Now you are fully safe which can helps you to avoid car accident.
STEP4 -When you driving the car your mind only in front on road, it means you can’t talking with any person beside of you. Don’t play your music player too loudly, its may you can’t hear another cars horn. Don’t drive your car with an over speed.
Follow the above item honestly speaking you can drive a save and safety car.

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