Learn More EXCERCISE on a STRIPPER POLE, from strip club to health club

A stripper not only used for clubs but it is also used for exercise. Having fun you can loss your weight with this program. Hope to you knows that lots of Hollywood stars and TV model loss weight by using this. You have to maintain your eating habit and exercise around the stripper.

• If you aren’t get benefit from the normal exercise. Then give up and trying with stripper. The hardest part of this is to find a STURDY pole you can use to exercise / dance around. This poll is going to loss your weight. Once you have found a suitable pole or you have had one installed. If you need train then go to gym and get help from them.
• Play your favorite music and stat & starting to shake as you have planed. Start out slow & as you get more comfortable you move onto harder & more daring moves. The thing to remember is to have fun with it & get 20 minutes of exercise every day. Not necessary to clime up the poll. Start out dancing & swinging around the pole. Try to exercise more then 25 minutes per day.
• See a stripper video for doing better. Chances are your man will want to watch & it will get his heart rate up also & then you both may end up getting another work out..... The thing you have to remember is your not trying to become a stripper, it is for you to have fun while you exercise. Most exercise can get boring fast. You need to spice up your life & enjoy yourself.

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