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This is a complicated issue. Its need long time. It is can be affected on you physically or mentally. To get a divorce will expensive.

• Take a meeting with divorce lawyer. Ask him about your problems and plan. Request him to get a perfect and easy divorce for you. Then you need to know the lawyer charge. Try to get a good lawyer as if he or she can help you by providing some ways. You should be having the idea of divorce law.
• It is welcome if you get a divorce without the help of a lawyer it call pro se divorce suits, meaning you representing yourself and solve by own
• Uncontested divorce where you and spouse agree upon all legal issues such as child custody, child support, properties, etc., can take 2 to 6 months to complete. In case some event this duration ups and down.
• Make a deal with you and your partner how to get better way. Discuss for get a normal divorce.
• There is separation time requirement for no-fault divorce procedure depends if there are any minor children involved or not. You can also file complaint for at fault divorce procedure.

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