Learn to Scan a Document on a Multi-Function Printer

By using a multi-function printer you can able to handle lot of task with in same time. A multi-function printer also provides various facilities. This article is going to give you the solutions.

Step1- Starts your multi-function printer. Make sure it is able to give you service and put your documents in a perfect place. You should check document side before scanning
Step2- You should choose color, size, and resolution. If you are unable to customize then probably you don’t get the bets result. Remember that low resolution may reduce the quality for your scan.
Step3 - Give the paper accurately and starts your processing. Checkout once more because if it is seems that you should change in your document paper.
Step4- If get the best scan result you can save but otherwise you can scan once more. Another think I should tell you that please clean your printer before scanning.

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