Scan a Document on an All-in-One Printer. Tips Expert

It is easy to scan a document on an all-in-one printer and simple. You can scan your image, files, documents, and etc. you can follow these steps to scan a document an all-in-one printer.
Step1- Switched on your all-in-one printer and as well as your computer. Check out your computer is connected with all-in-one printer. Then lift the printer’s document lid and put the perfect place.

Step2- You should close the printers slowly as if your document does not shift position. You can change your scan setting if you wish. Now it is the time to select the resolution for your document scan. Remember that resolution is an important thing for your document scan.

Step3- If your printer does not work automatically then you should push the scan button. If you have any confusion with sat up your document in scanner then you can test your print. Check your test and review very carefully.

Step4- Now a days there are so many amazing software can be found on the net. You can also edit resize and etc by using of this software. Again push the scan button when your editing is complete and save it in secure place.

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