Buy an Image Scanner and Save your Hard earn Money

Few people think that since they now have a digital camera they don’t need to have an image scanner. But scanners are still very necessary for the digital photographer. Even your old photos can be improved with the colors or editing. The important is that "what should I buy?" it is depending on your uses.
Flatbed Scanner The basic type of scanner that has been around for years is the flat bed image scanner. They vary in size and imaging resolution. The size of the copy glass can be important depending on your need. Resolution is also the key. If you plan to upload images to web galleries like Red Bubble for resale as framed prints, then you do need a high resolution scanner.

Slide Scanner If you want to scan 35mm transparencies to digital images you will need a slide scanner. I think that this scanner not perform well. The price starts from $99 up to thousands of dollar.

Multi Function Scanner with this scanner you can do many things. Multifunction printers all have image scanning capabilities. When you use your multifunction printer to copy a document, you are really scanning it and printing it.

Document Scanner Document scanners are really useful for business applications.

Drum Scanner Finally, there are very expensive and large drum scanners for business applications. These scanners have the advantage of being able to scan very large documents and images and are used in sign printing and textile applications, to name a few.

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