Change the Oil in a Car Safely

Changing oil is a most important thing for your car. Which can helps your cars moving all parts to moved safe and smoothly. If you don’t change your cars oil at the right time it could be damage your cars engine or other moving critical parts. How can you change your cars engine oil here I will give you some idea step by step.

STEP1- To avoid any burns and to change old engine oil it is must required to off your car engine for a moment. Wait 10 to 15 minutes, it helps you to clean old oil nicely.
There is an “oil cap” on the top of your car engine, remove the oil cap first. There is another “oil drain nut” is on bottom of the engine oil pan.
STEP2-Unscrew the oil drain nut with a wrench and socket; put the oil drain pan under your car engine. Remove the oil drain nut and drain the old oil into the pan.
STEP3-After cleaning the filter or change the filter put back all nicely and screws the nut properly and tightly. Don’t forget to put a thin layer of oil around the oil filter ring. This is protecting the oil filter to any oil leaking.

STEP4- Put a funnel into the hole of the top of engine cover. Refilling the oil how much your engine required as the manual. Close back the oil cap and cleans the excess oils.

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