Fax a Color Document From a Computer

Nobody wants to expense more if they get it easy as well as low price. You can also do it by using your computer. You don’t need to get individual fax machine. This article will help guide you.

Step-1 what color you want to fax you should select that color. Scan the document, but first you should save before fax process. Put the document face-down in your scanner. Start your scanning software. Go to "Scan New Document". Select "Color". Click "Scan". Your scanner is starting to scan color documents. Click "Accept". Then it is going to scan again and finally.
Step2- When you complete your scan process then save it in a perfect location in your computer. Now you need to open your fax software. Click on “Send Fax". Enter the fax number of the recipient, you can also add other information that you want to send.

Step3-Problily you have the idea about how to attach the documents in a mail. Click on attach option and open the folders you were saved it.

Step4- When it is complete then just you need to click “Send”. Your color document will be on its way.

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