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Lemon Law is generally speared in California. It has another name also. I think there is no one who wants to buy car that start greatly but few months later it will useless. So this is the law was made for consumer. This law ensures your car warranty and others consumer facilities.
Why and when this law was impact.
Consumer purchases a car and beginning well but few months later the cost of the repair are increasing day by day. In some case the repair cost crossed the original car cost. So impact this act to get remedy for this problem and consumers security. By 1982, the California Legislation enacted the Warranty Act to better protect consumers, placing certain restrictions on car manufacturers and sellers but also putting responsibilities on the purchaser. One of the provisions is that if a vehicle is out for more than 30 days for repair within 18 months or 18,000 miles, a consumer can qualify for Lemon Law protection. Remember that this is not every state has a Lemon Law.

Who get the benefits from this law?
This benefit goes to both the consumer and the seller. There are some points about benefits.
• with the help of a Lemon Law guarantee, seller must ready amount of paper work and manpower
• Retailer can save the money and seller doesn’t get the opportunity to put money on his pocket by repair.
• Lemon Law helps to grow the reputation. Quality is main vision for seller.
• If any one destroyed his/her car by own then it is out of word.

According to the Lemon Law
You have a right to return the vehicle for refund or replacement, but there are certain restrictions. It is a family vehicle and under 10,000 pounds and still in warranty, so it meets Lemon Law requirements. And the car has been out for 30 days for repairs. But the dealer doesn't have to pay for any of the accessories and add-ons. He would pay for the original car plus taxes, registrations, etc.
Great for you!
If you buy a car to compare with others brand then it is great. Minor losses try to avoid for using the Lemon Law.
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