Learn More about Take Care and Maintenance of Leather Bound Books: Tips Expert

Lather books are really beautiful to see and attractive. It is more beautiful when it has shown in a bookshelf. If a lather book is not neat and clean its look in rough shape and ugly. So we must have to know that we can keep clean our expensive lather books.
At first you make a mixture which contained Neatsfoot Oil and lanolin. The mixture ratio is 3 percent Neatsfoot oil to 1 percent lanolin.
Put some mixture into lint-free cotton cloth and start to clean at the front side of the book. Clean as same for the spine and the back side.
You should be rubbing the mixture nicely into the leather. You clean your leather books not only for safe, its look beautiful also.
With doing this kind of clean your leather books will look more nice and pretty. Let’s go and try with your leather books.
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