Learn to Scan a Book

Are you facing problem when you want to scan your book? May be you are facing problem with your book text and fonts. Try to lay down your book when you scan. There are some solutions for you.

Step1 –Adjust the scanner resolution and ready to scan. Scan the first two pages of an open book. Turn the page and scan the next two open pages. Continue the process. OCR program can be more useful for your scan documents.
Step2- It is more easer remove binding when possible to force a book to lie flat on the copier. You should do it for your own facilities.
Step3- Make sure headers and footers are not in the scan. Save text in ASCII. You should determine Whether the Book Will Lie Flat.
Step4- You should watch Out for Captions and Graphics it is better if you are Avoid Colors Bleeding Through. Don’t forget to handle Color Correctly Check Text for Errors.

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